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Award Winning Email Encryption With One-Click Activation

“Trustifi has been an absolute pleasure to work with. They have provided my company with top notch customer service at all times. In addition, they have an awesome product- best in-class email security for all types of businesses. Our clients love how easy it is to use and deploy, and so do we!”

Nathan Ware

— CEO/CTO at Rain Networks

Why Email Encryption is 
Essential For Your Business

All organizations transmit private and sensitive data via email. It’s how important information is communicated. Unfortunately, if you're transmitting private information unencrypted, the chance of a breach or hack is high and you could face significant regulatory and reputation consequences. 

Did you know you could be fined tens of thousands of dollars if your business fell susceptible to an email breach? 

Today, failing to secure your business’ email correspondence isn’t an option. 

While many organizations do have email security measures that are supposed to be followed, employees don’t comply when the wrong encryption service is in place. Why? 

Because if your company is not using Trustifi, then it’s a hassle to send encrypted emails and recipients, customers and clients find it difficult to decrypt and open emails, grinding business to a halt.

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For a limited time only, Trustifi is offering exclusive pricing to businesses requesting a free demo of its patented Postmarked email system.

Stay Protected From 
The Dangers of Data Breaches

$6k to $130k

The average amount of individual and business losses to  Business Email Compromise (BEC)


Increase in BEC attacks reported by the FBI in the past 2 years


Increase in phishing attacks in 2020

Why Choose Trustifi For Your
Email Encryption?

Trustifi’s easy-to-use email encryption service is unmatched in its user-friendliness, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Click-of-a-Button Easy

Send encrypted emails with a simple click of a button. Plus, your recipients never have to sign up or log in to anything to read your emails, ever.


Why pay separate vendors for encryption, data loss prevention, and advanced threat protection when Trustifi delivers all three for a fraction of the price?

Seamless Integration

Our open API means you can continue to use Outlook, Gmail, and many more email systems without any change in functionality for the user.


Gain all the convenience and cost-saving advantages of cloud-based solutions without compromising an inch on security.

Company Branding, Training & Support

Enterprise customers have access to company branding and product white labeling. Plus one-on-one team training.


Encryption needs aren’t one-size-fits-all, so your email security platform shouldn’t be either. Customized solutions are available upon request, often without charge.

Mobile & Desktop

Send encrypted emails from any device with the click of a button.

NSA Grade Email Encryption

End-to-end NSA grade 256-Bit AES email encryption, with full inbound and outbound protection. 

Stay Compliant

Trustifi is 100% compliant with HIPAA/HITECH, GDPR, CCPA, FSA, FINRA, LGPD, PII & more

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Introduction to Email Security

Learn How Trustifi protects all inbound and outbound emails while increasing employee productivity 

Why Our Clients Trust Us
For Their Email Security & Encryption

Few more reasons

Still Not 

Here are a few more reasons to consider Trustifi.

Fast Deployment

No in-house expert needed. Deploys in as little as 5 minutes—No matter the size of your organization.

One-Click Decryption

Security without the hassle. Recipients never have to create an account or log into anything to access encrypted messages.

Secure Reply

Error-proof controls automatically encrypt replies for true, two-way encryption.

Postmarked Delivery

Better than Certified Delivery--see when an item is delivered, where it's viewed, and on what device.

Ready to Learn if Trustifi is The Right Solution For your Business?

Trustifi offers enterprise grade email security solutions that are affordable and customizable for organizations of all sizes. Request a complimentary quote to learn more.

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“With more than 100 Million Postmarked and secured emails delivered around the world, see for yourself why businesses depend on Trustifi for their email security, compliance and protection against the most advanced cyber threats.”

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How it works

Award Winning Email Encryption With One-Click Activation